A digital platform helping newsrooms to find and license quality images from local African photographers and photojournalists.

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Photojournalism has a diversity problem. In a 2018 World Press Photo survey of over 1,000 international photographers, for instance, only 1 per cent identified as Black. Local and international newsrooms struggle to find compelling Africa-focused photography to accompany their reporting, while African photographers find it difficult to reach large audiences, formally monetize their work and gain steady incomes.

With Atlas, built by Africans for Africans, we aim not only to bridge this diversity gap but to also reshape the media industry and revolutionize how the world ‘sees’ and understands Africa. Starting with Nigeria, Atlas will host relevant news and editorial images curated from local photographers and photojournalists which anyone (from bloggers to newsrooms to enterprises in need of relatable stock photos) can instantly download. A selection of photos will be available free while premium photos will be available at affordable rates set by individual photographers.

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